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Specialist in the operational performance plan implementation, we are involved on the entire supply chain. Our main domains of expertise are: purchasing & logistics optimization, supplier relationship management, production plans adapted to the customers’ needs.

Our methodology is fully adapted to the evolution of our customers in order to meet the total customer satisfaction.

Aligned with your Group strategy, we integrate all the components of your policy: shared objectives, results commitment, knowledge development, social impacts, change management, CSR policy (risk management, societal, responsible & environmental approach …), cost control, well-being at work.

Our diagnosis is based on all the processes of the supply chain (VSM & SCM): Sales (needs & customers management), Purchasing (mapping, strategy, tender, follow-up), Procurement (orders & suppliers management, number of products & suppliers reduction, inventory management), Warehouse Management, Production (S&OP), Distribution (3PL, 4PL), Quality (continuous improvement), Transport (upstream & downstream).

Your organization optimization (Lean Management, 5S system ..) and the profitability improvement (EbitDa) are our main objectives.

Change management involves setting up KPI and writing procedures. So many projects for which LNC Log will be your partner.

We are also able to assist you in drafting the specifications and setting up your MRP in accordance with your Supply Chain strategy.

LNC Log your operational performance partner.

Our missions

Global Performance Improvement

Global Operational Performance Plan

Organization Optimization

Profitability Improvement

Sustainable and Responsible Support

Value Creation

Change Management

Domains of expertise

Our customers

Our offers

Scenario 1 - Fixed Cost

  • Mission invoiced to the project
  • Flat rate

Scenario 2 - Success fees

  • Success Fees base
  • Percentage applied to the final result
  • Full variable

Scénario 3 – Staffing

  • Resources available for a defined period
  • Invoicing at the daily rate * number of working days
  • Invoicing at monthly flat rate



Supply Chain & Management Expert
25+ years of experience in different industrial and international environment
 Medical Biology
 Food industry


Yannick HUON

Purchasing & Supply Chain Expert
24+ years of experience in industrial and international environment

 Food & Beverage (Wine, Spirits)
 Pharmaceutical Industry

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